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Welcome to Who @ 50!


There isn't ever going to be another 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, and this is a community where fans of the greatest television show of all time can come together to mark that occasion and celebrate it together. It's a place for people to post about the anniversary itself, about 50th anniversary-related media and news, meta about what Who means to them, details of RL events they're participating in or organising to celebrate, or just general japery. Fan fiction, fan art, fan vids, fan mixes and all other forms of creativity are more than welcome.

There are going to be monthly fanworkathons (as said above, all fiction, art, vids, podfic etc, etc welcome), one a month for the duration of the anniversary year and covering all of the Doctors to date, starting in January with Eleven and counting down to the anniversary itself in November 2013. Here are the fanworks that have been produced already this year, as well as the fanwork-a-thon schedule for the remaining months:

Who @ 50 Fiftieth Anniversary Fanworks to Date and Remaining Fanworkathon ScheduleCollapse )

I hope as many Who fans as possible, of whatever age and duration, fans of whatever era in the history of the show and its many spinoffs and associated media, join and participate in this comm. And I hope together we can play our small part in making 2013 a year to remember!

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UK Horror Channel Classic Who Schedule, Mon 21 April - Fri 25 April 2014
Well, I hope those of you who were able enjoyed the weekend Who marathon on the UK's Horror Channel - some fine stories were shown. And Attack of the Cybermen too.

Ba-doom. Tish.

Anyway, here is this week's schedule for the continuing "Who on Horror" season. Two episodes will be shown every weekday, beginning at 10am, with repeats at 3.10pm and 7.50pm, all times in BST.

Monday, 21 April:
The Daleks: The Dead Planet
The Daleks: The Survivors

Tuesday, 22 April:
The Daleks: The Escape
The Daleks: The Ambush

Wednesday, 23 April:
The Daleks: The Expedition
The Daleks: The Ordeal

Thursday, 24 April:
The Daleks: The Rescue
The Seeds of Death: Episode One

Friday 25 April:
The Seeds of Death: Episode Two
The Seeds of Death: Episode Three

Remember, the Horror Channel can be found at Sky channel 319, Virgin Media channel 149, or Freesat channel 138.

Doctor Who Celebration: The Regenerations (Video)
This is quite nice - An extended video collating three of the Regenerations panels at the Doctor Who Celebration has been uploaded onto the BBC's 50 Years of Doctor Who website.

The still-extant original series Doctors, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy discussing various questions and generally showing off for an understandably adoring audience. My favourite part: the suggestion of "needle" between Baker, C and McCoy relating to the former's rather difficult exit from the programme, also Big Tommy B just kind of being Big Tommy B. :)

Doctor Who on the UK's Horror Channel (Scheduling)
News on the schedule for the Horror Channel's classic Doctor Who season which commences this Good Friday, April 18th. For those of you in the UK without paid satellite/cable television, I can only commiserate and reiterate my feeling that we really ought to be seeing something like this on one of the BBC channels, not tucked away in a niche.

Still, after this weekend's opening marathon, it looks like there is going to be a regular schedule of two episodes of classic Who every weeknight at 7.50pm (and with showings during the morning and afternoon, as those cable channels seem to have to repeat everything several times a day to spin the programming out). In other words, cliffhangers!

Post from Doctor Who News with the schedule from this weekend up to Thursday 8 May

The Easter weekend schedule in more detail

And also check out the funky animated trailer (at the bottom of the first post linked above), clearly made by somebody with a bit of Who knowledge as you can identify the various stories being alluded to. And that voiceover sounds a little familiar...?

And if, like me, you've never really watched it thinking it looks a bit dodgy, the Horror Channel can be found at Sky channel 319, Virgin Media channel 149, or Freesat channel 138.

Doctor Who Sound/Voice meme
There is a fun meme going around Supernatural fandom where you record yourself answering a set of fandom-related questions and post the results! I adapted it for Doctor Who here at my livejournal. So if you'd like to do a recording, post a link in the comments there and I'll put it up :) And please pass it along! :D

...And Yet Another Doctor Who News Roundup
Just another quick summary of things that have caught my eye recently, to keep the old comm ticking over:

This one could be counted as a SPOILER by some of you (so use caution in clicking on the link), but news from the Grauniad concerning the casting of another villainous Series 8 character. A "storming villain", according to Der Moff, talking up the new actor.

SPOILERY WafflingCollapse )

Speaking of rumours, did you think the "lost" episodes thing would just go away even after the rediscovery of The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear last year? Don't be silly. Personally, from reading all of the statements at the time of the rediscovery and since, and reading between the lines, I think there's still something waiting to be revealed; call it a hunch, or wishful thinking, or whatever you prefer. Probably nothing as astonishing as a complete Marco Polo, alas. I don't think that the kind of very public BNF bickering displayed in the linked article really helps anybody, though.

Mark Gatiss-penned 50th anniversary making-of drama An Adventure in Space and Time has been nominated for a BAFTA award, and deservedly so I would say. I would also say that it's interesting that it seems to have gone over so well with critics and "casual viewers" since when viewed from this Who fan's perspective it resembles neither a conventional making-of drama nor a William Hartnell biopic so much as an intensely fannish meta statement on what it means to be a longterm Doctor Who fan. Oh well.

While we're shamelessly nicking stories from the Kasterborous site, there's also this on the current issue of DWM's interview with Paul McGann. I like his attitude, to be honest; he doesn't expect to ever be involved in Doctor Who again (by which I take it he means appearing in the actual TV series), but he's willing to be proved wrong in this expectation. I also find his thoughts on that fan-favourite idea an Eight spinoff series quite persuasive and respect-worthy, even if those fans who like the idea might not. A thoughtful man, Mr McGann, I think.

And finally, more sad news. Glyn Jones, writer of The Space Museum and a guest actor in The Sontaran Experiment passed away last week at the age of 82. I wonder, how many people other than Mr Jones and the aforementioned Mr Gatiss have both written for, and acted in Doctor Who over the years? Answers on a postcard (or, more feasibly, in the comments to this post) please.

And that's me for now, although I'm sure I'll be back with more of the same soon enough. In the meantime, if you have anything at all you'd like to share with the comm - news, fanworks, random musings, what have you - please feel free to post. I think if it's at all Doctor Who-related it's probably on-topic. :)

Doctor Who Series 8 News Summary [POTENTIAL SPOILERS]
If like me you're feverishly anticipating the upcoming new series of new Who starring Peter Capaldi as Twelve, but also struggling to keep abreast of all of the snippets of news, and rumours, and wild internet guessing, then I thought you might like to be made aware of this concise summary of all of the information we have to date.

Be warned, though, there may be some SPOILERS there, and unlikely rumours and theories that if they turn out to be correct (unlikely as it may seem) will constitute even bigger SPOILERS. So click on the link only if you're the foolhardy type who scoffs at such things, nay, actively seeks them out. ;)

Kate O'Mara 1939-2014
More sad news today relating to people involved with the classic series. As you may have seen elsewhere, Kate O'Mara, who played renegade Time Lady the Rani in The Mark of the Rani, Time and the Rani and Dimensions in Time (and a great, great many other roles in film and TV over the years) has passed away aged 74 following a short illness. Colin Baker and Bonnie Langford have been among the friends and colleagues expressing their condolences during the day.

As I remarked in yesterday's post with regard to Derek Martinus, this sort of sad news seems to be coming regularly regarding people involved with the old series as time goes on, but we as fans can only continue to appreciate and spread the word regarding these personalities and their work. And whatever you think of the actual stories she appeared in, the Rani was a great character, well-played.

Who News Roundup!
Well, it's been a while, my friends, for which I can only apologise. I think I said back at the end of last year that now that the 50th anniversary is past, I didn't want this to turn into one of those comms you see where the last post was months ago. Luckily, some of you have picked up some of my slack by posting to the comm, preventing that from quite becoming the case - please, I urge you, feel free to keep posting anything Who-related that you feel belongs here and help keep that comm spirit alive.

So, while I still consider what our next big move should be, I thought I could do worse than a bit of a recent Who news roundup (I won't bother recapping any of the news re new series casting etc from the past couple of months, as you've no doubt already long since seen those items elsewhere). Here goes, then:

Don't know how I missed this one before today - the Horror Channel here in the UK has secured a deal with BBC Worldwide to show 30 oldschool Who stories as part of a special season. It begins on Good Friday 18 April 2014 with An Unearthly Child, followed by an Easter Weekend Who marathon featuring one story for each of the first seven Doctors, and then by weekday double-bills starting on Easter Monday 21 April. Big Tommy B seems pleased by the news.

As with the The Doctors Revisited series last year, it saddens me that this isn't on an outlet that's free to view, i.e. an actual BBC channel, but it's better than nothing. And just looking at the linked article, it seems that they've actually got a better, more representative selection of classic series stories than The Doctors Revisited showed. If you're here in Blighty and have satellite/cable TV, the Horror Channel is available on Sky channels 319 and 198, Virgin channel 149 and Freesat channel 138.

In other news, the ubiquitous Mark Gatiss has let slip that he is writing not one but two episodes for Peter Capaldi's Twelve, although they won't necessarily both be part of the upcoming 2014 series. At the same time, he also hinted at a possible new "celebrity historical" guest character (or he could have just been idly speculating).

You may recall that a couple of weeks ago, Gatiss was also talking up Twelve's debut story, although I think it's fair to say I'd be ridiculously excited whatever people were saying about it, and how we're in store for a very different sort of new series Doctor. Whether that turns out to be the case or not, I can't wait to see Capaldi in action, and he definitely seems to know what he's doing already.

And finally, yesterday there came the sad news that classic series director Derek Martinus has passed away. Martinus directed such iconic Doctor Who stories as The Tenth Planet and Spearhead from Space as well as a lot of other British TV of a certain age. As the number of people directly involved in making the original series, especially its earlier years, continues to dwindle, I think that it makes it even more important for us as fans to keep generating awareness of it and keep introducing new generations of Who fans and genre TV fans in general to the joys of the old stuff, and also to the stories of the many talented real life individuals who made it what it was.

So that's my thought for the day - what's yours? And do you have any other Who news you'd like to share with the comm?

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