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Welcome to Who @ 50!


There isn't ever going to be another 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, and this is a community where fans of the greatest television show of all time can come together to mark that occasion and celebrate it together. It's a place for people to post about the anniversary itself, about 50th anniversary-related media and news, meta about what Who means to them, details of RL events they're participating in or organising to celebrate, or just general japery. Fan fiction, fan art, fan vids, fan mixes and all other forms of creativity are more than welcome.

There are going to be monthly fanworkathons (as said above, all fiction, art, vids, podfic etc, etc welcome), one a month for the duration of the anniversary year and covering all of the Doctors to date, starting in January with Eleven and counting down to the anniversary itself in November 2013. Here are the fanworks that have been produced already this year, as well as the fanwork-a-thon schedule for the remaining months:

Who @ 50 Fiftieth Anniversary Fanworks to Date and Remaining Fanworkathon ScheduleCollapse )

I hope as many Who fans as possible, of whatever age and duration, fans of whatever era in the history of the show and its many spinoffs and associated media, join and participate in this comm. And I hope together we can play our small part in making 2013 a year to remember!

Who @ 50 is also on Dreamwidth!

Last Christmas Reaction and Discussion Post
Well, it's about time...

As I'm typing this, we're about ten minutes out from the 2014 Doctor Who Xmas Special - will it be a Christmas cracker or a lump of coal? There's only one way to find out...

And when you've found out, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments to this post - which will as a result be full of SPOILERS, I don't doubt. :D

See you on the other side.

'Twas the Night Before...
...the Doctor Who Christmas Special and all through the house...

The actual clip doesn't exist anymore due to the BBC's old space-saving policy (a different sort of space-saving to the kind the Doctor does), but this excellent recon by Youtube user cbatt91337 makes a very serviceable substitute (with an added bit of Python at the start):

Whatever winter holidays you may or may not be celebrating, I wish you a good evening and an excellent tomorrow...and here's hoping the Doctor brings us the present we want. :)

A Big "Thank You"
...to everybody who participated in the Who@50 51st Anniversary fanwork-a-thon!

I've waited a couple of weeks to give people a chance to post late entries, but I thought it was about time to have a round-up post to chronicle all of the most excellent fanworks that were shared with the comm during November in honour of the 51st anniversary of this thing we call Who. I will add the below list to the sticky post at the top of the comm as soon as I get around to updating it and adding all the works from last year's fanwork-a-thon-a-thon as well (one of these days...)

The List!Collapse )

A bumper crop! And remember, if you signed up for the fanwork-a-thon (or even if you didn't) and you're still working on your entry, please do post it to the comm whenever it is finished so that we can all see. And indeed, anything else you feel like sharing with the comm as well.


Xmas Special Preview Scene and Series 9 Premiere Title!
I've watched this numerous times over the previous couple of days, and I still haven't decided whether it's the stupidest thing I've seen in a long time or one of the coolest:

In other news, we also now know the title of the first episode in next year's Series 9.

Spoilery ThoughtCollapse )

New Xmas Special Trailer
Less than two weeks to go now, and there's a new trailer out for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special Last Christmas.

After the debacle with the Hartnell-tastic BBC Christmas promo the other week, I'm not sure whether those of you outside of this sceptr'd isle will be able to watch it, but if not please have this list of broadcast times for the special in various territories by way of compensation.

And now I will return you to your regular state of breathless anticipation. ;)

Surely Santa? - (6th Doctor)
Tribble at the Door
Title: Surely Santa?
Author: betawho
Rating: G
Characters: 6th Doctor, Melanie Bush
Words: 714

Summary: A little boy wakes up to find a strange man in his house on Christmas Eve...

"Are you Santa?"  (Read More...)

Doctor Who Xmas Special - UK Transmission Time Confirmed
The BBC have confirmed that this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special, Last Christmas, will premiere on BBC One at 6:15pm on Christmas Day.

News about broadcast times in international territories as soon as they are announced, although BBC America have already confirmed that they will also be showing the special on Christmas Day.

Seventh Doctor Recs List
dw - Seven Ace border
Here, as promised, are some recs to celebrate the wonderful Seventh Doctor and his era (completing my set of recs for some of the Doctors who are rarer in fanworks than others).

As ever, this list is no way intended to be comprehensive and is inevitably biased towards my own preferences and hunting grounds. Please do rec your own favourites in the comments & make up the imbalance.

Somewhere there's danger, somewhere there's injustice...Collapse )

Over to you now, to rec your favourites that I've missed (with bonus points for fanworks featuring Chris Cwej, Roz Forrester, Raine Creevy, Elizabeth Klein, & Wolsey). All fanworks, ratings & ships - the comments are all yours! (Just no self-recs, thank you.)

Doctor Who/The Sarah Jane Adventures fic: Gentleman Caller (1/1)
Twelve Doctors
Title: Gentleman Caller (1/1)
Rating: G
Word Count: 3,824
Characters: Gita Chandra, Haresh Chandra, Sarah Jane, Twelve, Sky, Clara
Timeline: Post-"Mummy on the Orient Express" for Doctor Who and post-"The Man Who Never Was" for The Sarah Jane Adventures. No spoilers.
Summary: Who's the grey-haired Scottish man the Chandras keep seeing at Sarah Jane's house? Does she have a new boyfriend?
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to the BBC.
A/N: A huge thank you goes to the awesome dbskyler for the wonderful beta. This fic would be ten times worse without your help.

While he knew Gita was asking out of concern for their friend -- they both still remembered Sarah Jane's short-lived engagement from a few years ago -- this was a bit more snooping than Haresh was comfortable with. "Leave it be, Gita. If Sarah Jane has a boyfriend, she'll introduce him when she wants to."

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