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Welcome to Who @ 50!


There isn't ever going to be another 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, and this is a community where fans of the greatest television show of all time can come together to mark that occasion and celebrate it together. It's a place for people to post about the anniversary itself, about 50th anniversary-related media and news, meta about what Who means to them, details of RL events they're participating in or organising to celebrate, or just general japery. Fan fiction, fan art, fan vids, fan mixes and all other forms of creativity are more than welcome.

There are going to be monthly fanworkathons (as said above, all fiction, art, vids, podfic etc, etc welcome), one a month for the duration of the anniversary year and covering all of the Doctors to date, starting in January with Eleven and counting down to the anniversary itself in November 2013. Here are the fanworks that have been produced already this year, as well as the fanwork-a-thon schedule for the remaining months:

Who @ 50 Fiftieth Anniversary Fanworks to Date and Remaining Fanworkathon ScheduleCollapse )

I hope as many Who fans as possible, of whatever age and duration, fans of whatever era in the history of the show and its many spinoffs and associated media, join and participate in this comm. And I hope together we can play our small part in making 2013 a year to remember!

Who @ 50 is also on Dreamwidth!

Ten Days to a Tenth Anniversary, 10: The Big Day
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Well, it's here. Ten years ago today, a new Doctor arrived on our screens in a new series after a fifteen and a half year hiatus. And he advised his new companion to run, which is as good as advice as any considering the sorts of scrapes the Doctor regularly encounters.

As I said at the start of this ten-day series of posts, it's a strange and slightly unsettling thing to consider, just how quickly those ten years seem to have flown by. It's also strange, but I think very hopeful to consider that there are young Who fans around today who probably don't even remember a time when new Doctor Who was not on their televisions or other devices, a similar position to that of the young fans of the 1970s and 80s. If Doctor Who is going to continue for another fifty years in some format or medium (and I have no reason to think that it will not), then those are the fans who are going to ensure that it does. And even though the life of any television series is finite, it could be one of them who is the new RTD creating New New Who in whatever form popular dramatic entertainment takes by the middle of this century.

Anyway, according to the the New Who Anniversary Celebration Countdown Challenge posted to the comm by ibishtar - - March 26th: Anything you want! So here goes...

Check out the coverage of the tenth anniversary in the Radio Times, including congratulatory messages from many involved with the show in some capacity or other.

Read this really rather good tenth anniversary write-up on the Doctor Who News site.

Watch this rather wonderful video featuring Peter Capaldi.

And because videos are cool, there's also this great fan-made trailer for the whole of the new series which I very much enjoyed.

So thanks to everybody who's been reading and responding to these posts (I will try to catch up with the comments when I can), to ibishtar for posting the challenge questions, and to Lord Rusty of Davies, I guess, for making it all possible. ;) Enjoy what's left of the tenth anniversary, folks

Ten Days to a Tenth Anniversary, 9: Favourite Arc
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Once again, our countdown to the tenth anniversary of the new series of Doctor Who is brought to you by the New Who Anniversary Celebration Countdown Challenge posted to the comm by ibishtar:

March 25th: Favourite Arc

Arc of Infinity under the Cut!Collapse )

So, I went on a bit there, but I hope it made sense. What do you reckon to all of this arc business, then? ;)

Ten Days to a Tenth Anniversary, 7 and 8: Favourite Character and Favourite Theme
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Whoops - missed a day due to unforeseen circumstances! So I'm going to do two today to catch up with our countdown to the tenth anniversary of NuWho in the form of the New Who Anniversary Celebration Countdown Challenge posted to the comm by ibishtar:

March 23rd: Favourite CharacterCollapse )

March 24th: Favourite ThemeCollapse )

So, er, those are my thoughts. What do you say?

Ten Days to a Tenth Anniversary, 5: Favourite Episode
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Continuing our countdown to the tenth anniversary of NuWho via the New Who Anniversary Celebration Countdown Challenge posted to the comm by ibishtar:

March 21st: Favourite Episode

Indecisiveness Under the CutCollapse )

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the issue. Hopefully some of you will be a bit more decisive than I am - what would you nominate as your favourite episode(s) of the post-2005 era?

Ten Days to a Tenth Anniversary, 4: Favourite Series
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Today's post in the countdown to the tenth anniversary of NuWho is brought to you by the New Who Anniversary Celebration Countdown Challenge posted to the comm by ibishtar:

March 20th: Favourite Series

Revealed Under the Cut!Collapse )

All of that, though, is just my opinion. What say you? If any of you wanted to wax lyrical about your favourite series/season of New Who (as I hope you do), the comments below are the place to do it. :)

New Who Anniversary Celebration Countdown Challenge
Doctor Who
I'm gonna try my hardest to do this, so I'm posting about it here in case any of you are interested:

Countdown Challenge:

March 20th: Favourite Series

March 21st: Favourite Episode

March 22nd: Favourite Moment

March 23rd: Favourite Character

March 24th: Favourite Theme

March 25th: Favourite Arc

March 26th: Anything you want!

Everything goes, meta, fic, art, graphics, whatever you like. Taken from Celebrating New Who at Tumblr.

Ten Days to a Tenth Anniversary, 3: Monsters, Inc.
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Another day closer to the tenth anniversary of the New Series of Doctor Who (although calling it the New Series is going to seem strange at some point, considering the fact that, well, its tenth anniversary is coming up), another day of me posting links to vaguely tenth-anniversary-related things for your amusement and edification...

And today we have this list of, allegedly, the 10 Greatest Monsters in Modern Doctor Who from BBC America. It does not pretend, I think, to be a definitive or exhaustive list or anything other than personal opinion, but I would argue that it's a pretty solid summary. A couple of surprising choices, for me, but as we've been saying in relation to the Radio Times list of "best" stories, everybody's favourite everything in Doctor Who is some other fan's least favourite.

However, I would agree with the linked article regarding the Weeping Angels as perhaps the only New Who monsters to be on the same iconic level, potentially, as the Daleks and Cybermen. They've even been in enough stories now to have been reinvented and misused and messed about just as all of the big-time classic series monsters have at one time or another in their history. Long may it continue.

One thing that I almost certainly wouldn't have been saying nearly ten years ago after watching "Aliens of London/World War Three" for the first time, but which I find now springing to mind: Surely the Slitheen should be on there somewhere?! ;)

Anyway - what do you make of all this? Any particular favourite NuWho monsters, or ones you'd gladly never see rear their ugly heads again? Any shocking omissions/inclusions on the linked list? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Ten Days to a Tenth Anniversary, 2: Test Your Brains!!
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Or your memory/trivia tolerance at any rate.

Yes, having been slightly unconvinced by The Radio Times's list of Top Ten New Who stories, I thought today we could all have a go at their self-proclaimed Big Fat 10th Anniversary Quiz. You may already have seen it as it is a few weeks old now, but I hadn't tried it before.

I got 20/25, so that's your target to beat (I think most of you will manage it).

If any of you wanted to share your scores in the comments, or indeed share your favourite bits of new series-related trivia or even pose some questions of your own for other commenters to answer, I think it would all be somewhat diverting. ;)

Ten Days to a Tenth Anniversary, 1: Radio Times Top 10 New Series Stories
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It comes to my attention (and yours too, I imagine) that on Thursday 26 March this year we will be marking the tenth anniversary of the post-2005 incarnation of Doctor Who. That's right - tenth anniversary. Assuming you are as shocked as I am by that number and are wondering where the last decade went, I will leave you for a moment to come to terms with that.

Who would have predicted back then that the new series would have such longevity and success? I think Russell T Davies may have had an idea, to be honest. In any event, as the comm is not called Who @ 26 and is meant to be about celebrating the whole gamut of Doctor Who from 1963 to right now, and as it's bit late to start a fanwork-a-thon*, I think some posts to commemorate the occasion might be in order.

And how better to start than with The Radio Times's announcement of the results of its reader's poll to determine the Top Ten new series stories?

To be honest, I think about four of those choices would be on my own Bottom Ten (go on, guess which ones - although I don't pretend to be in touch with wider fandom and its opinions), but the rest are solid choices. A shocking couple of omissions, though imho - no love for The Doctor's Wife, Dalek or Midnight, and what about Twelve?

So, do you agree with the readers' list? Are there any you feel were unjustly left out? And what are your own top ten new Who stories? Please feel free to share in the comments. And while we're probably better off keeping things positive and collegiate, a bit of griping about "how did that get on the list?!" or speculation about Bottom Tens is all good fun too, if you ask me. It's what being a fan's all about.

*Although if any of you reading this felt moved to produce and post any tenth anniversary-themed fanworks to the comm over the next week and a bit, I would urge you to follow that feeling. ;)

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