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Announcing the Who@50 53rd Anniversary Fanwork-a-thon!
jjpor wrote in who_at_50
By popular demand (and thanks to all of the people who commented on my "testing the water" post the other day), it's back! The 53rd Anniversary of Doctor Who is looming over us and as in previous years, I thought it would be nice to commemorate it here at who_at_50 via the medium of fanwork.

I therefore announce the who_at_50 52nd Anniversary Fanwork-a-thon, celebrating more than half a century of Doctor Who-related goodness. All - that is all - forms of fannish endeavour are welcome - fanfic, fanart, fanvids, fanmixes, icons, podfic, and absolutely any other medium in which you want to express your creativity and celebrate your love for that which is Who, almost certainly including some I've never even heard of. Signups are open from today; posting of fanworks will commence from 1 November 2016 and continue throughout that month. Anything evoking the idea of the extraordinary longevity and diversity of Who would be especially welcome, but maybe the best way to do that is by creating the most typically Doctor Who-like Doctor Who fanwork you can?

If you're interested in taking part, please say so in the comments to this post to get added to the list of participants. It would be great if you could name a date in advance (list provided below) as it helps spread the contributions across more of the month, but it's not essential to do so.

November 2016
2 - lost_spook
11 - tangotabby
12 - locker_monster
14 - newmoonstar
16 - wunnerwmn
18 - nonelvis
19 - shivver13
23 - eerian_sadow
26 - merryghoul
29 - ghost2
30 - clocketpatch

Participants who would prefer not to be tied to a specific date include: tangotabby

To try and reflect as many of the myriad different parts of Doctor Who as possible, I'm also going to ask people to pick a category for their fanwork from the following list. The idea is to pick one that hasn't already been picked by somebody else, but if you really really want to do one somebody else has already gone for, please let me know and, soft touch that I am, I will almost certainly relent. Also if you can think of a category that I've missed which you'd like to use, that's fantastic too. :) If all of the categories are already taken when you sign up, then please feel free to choose whichever one you'd like.

First Doctor - ghost2

Second Doctor

Third Doctor - clocketpatch

Fourth Doctor - lost_spook

Fifth Doctor

Sixth Doctor - wunnerwmn

Seventh Doctor - shivver13

Eighth Doctor - locker_monster

Ninth Doctor - newmoonstar

Tenth Doctor - eerian_sadow

Eleventh Doctor - tangotabby

Twelfth Doctor

War Doctor

Other Doctors

Multi-Doctor - tangotabby

The Master/Missy - merryghoul

Companions - nonelvis

Minor Characters


Sarah Jane Adventures

Class (because it might be good!)




And finally I suppose we ought to go over what are, theoretically speaking, the rules:

- Please feel free to post your fanworks directly to the community, or link to your own Livejournal/Dreamwidth account or any external archive or site you use for hosting your stuff.
- Fanworks you are creating for any other 'thon or challenge coinciding with this one are eligible for inclusion here, provided the person running the other 'thon is okay with it.
- There are no minimum length requirements, but please put any large images or, in the case of fanfic, anything over 1000 words, under a cut or the other side of a link.
- There are no rating restrictions, but again please cut and provide warnings for anything over PG-13, or which might be considered triggering. Use your common sense.
- Character-bashing is in the eye of the beholder, but there are ways of critiquing or lampooning something you don't necessarily like about the show without resorting to straight-up hatchet-work that is going to cause angst on the comm. Common sense, again.
- Disclaimers may or may not actually work from a legal standpoint, but they help me sleep at night.
- Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

And that's my bit done. Go for it!

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Whoo, I always enjoy this fanwork-a-thon!

Could I please claim the Eighth Doctor and November 12th? Thank you. :-D

You most certainly may. Good to have you aboard. :)

I'd like November 18 and Liz Shaw, please. Time to finish up that Big Finish contest entry that never got picked ;)

Excellent! I will put you down under "companions" as far as category goes (or it would be a long list of categories) :)

Please sign me up! I'd like Nov 19, and the Seventh Doctor. Thanks!

Good to see some Seven love on the comm. :) I will add you to the list forthwith.

November 26 and The Master/Missy, please.

Put me down for 2nd Nov, the Fourth Doctor (it'll probably be a rec set, but we'll see). :-)

Edited at 2016-10-05 08:22 am (UTC)

I like the sound of that. :) You're on the list!

Whoops! I became totally convinced I had signed up for the 3rd and was very unsure I'd make that, and now it turns out I signed up for today. I shall try and post by tomorrow if that's okay with you, if not by Friday. (I see nobody else was fool enough to take the beginning of the month, so I shouldn't be stepping on anyone else's toes. Sorry!

No worries at all! As you say, there are plenty of free days in the first half of the month, so please feel free to pick one of them when you are ready to post. Better to post when ready than not to post at all. :)

Thanks! It is enough of a list that it will certainly have to be completed and posted one day - hopefully today or tomorrow, but I got myself rather overtired working on my Yuletide fic.

I'm sorry! I am much further on with it, but I've still had to prioritise my yuletide fic - I can count on being able to muster the brain for a recs post much more easily than writing, which can disappear for weeks, but I do apologise. Fingers crossed it should be done by tomorrow or Monday now! /o\

It's okay, honestly, and sorry for not replying to your earlier comment. :) I will look forward to seeing it, whenever you're ready.

Thank you so much for your patience! It's finally done - now to beat that Yuletide fic into submission... ;-)

I'll take Ninth Doctor on Nov 1st please.

Excellent choice! I will add you to the list. :)

Real life has proved busier than I expected, so I'll have to move my posting date from the 1st to the 14th. Hopefully two weeks should give me enough time to get it finished!

That's quite all right, and thanks for letting me know. I will amend the list accordingly. :)

I'd like Multiple Doctors, please; not sure about a date yet.

Spontaneity - I like it. :) I will add you to the list.

Could I have the Third Doctor on the Thirtieth?

You most certainly could. Good to have you taking part. :)

I think I've finally settled on First Doctor, November 29. It was a tough fight--he beat out the Second Doctor and audios.

I agree, it's not the sort of decision to be taken lightly...! I will add you to the list. :)

Well, I do have the top of my Six small wallhanging done, just not bound or quilted. Even if not completely finished I can post a photo of that, woo-hoo!. :) I'm also starting a Doctor Who t-shirt quilt, but by the end of Nov. it'll probably be the top part only, not finished.

Sorry for not replying to you sooner, but those both sound great to me. I would be very pleased indeed if you posted pictures of your works in progress to the comm as part of the fanwork-a-thon. Would you like me to put you down for a date, or are you happier to play it by ear, as it were? :D

No problems, I was pretty late posting. :) I'm surprisingly nervous about committing to a day, but if I don't I'll drop the ball yet again. Leader of the procrastinators, am I. I'll shoot for around the 16th and see what happens. I at least won't post on someone else's day.

Deadlines quite often concentrate the mind! :) I will pencil you in accordingly.

Could I also have the Eleventh Doctor on the 11th, since no one else has claimed him? I do have a multi-doctor plan (or several if there's time/room), so this would be in addition.


You certainly could - numerically appropriate, too! :) I will add you to the list.

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