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Who @ 50

"go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine"

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The Return of Doctor Mysterio: Reaction and Discussion Post [SPOILERS!]
jjpor wrote in who_at_50
Well, here we are. It seems like a very long time, doesn't it, since we last saw any new Doctor Who? I wonder whether or not that will colour our reactions to the Xmas special, airing more or less right now on BBC One? Well, buckle up for the superheroic shenanigans we are apparently about to witness, and please feel free to share your thoughts, comments, cheers, jeers and insights in the comments below. As always, please keep proceedings civil and collegiate (you always do) and beware, there will be SPOILERS aplenty.

See you on the other side!

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Well, since I get the feeling that fandom was expecting some sort of masterpiece from a Christmas ep, because it's the first new DW in a year, and is getting all peevish... I thought it was cute and entertaining and thoroughly loved seeing Capaldi as the Doctor again. I love how Grant's hormonal reactions caused spontaneous levitation, because I can use that as quite a good reaction to how PCap seems to make me feel -- I'll just float away enthusiastically now, LOL.

ETA: Forgot to mention Nardole. Don't give a rat's ass for Matt Lucas, to the point that some in fandom felt the need to block me forever on Tumblr for disliking him -- but he was something almost resembling okay and I didn't hate him.

Edited at 2016-12-26 06:52 am (UTC)

It was...okay. Very simple plot, almost a no-brainer (sorry), and I thought there was 'way too much of Grant/The Ghost and not quite enough Doctor. But there were nice bits of humor, nice bits of classic-style Who villians, Nardole wasn't bad. He made a nice connection between this Christmas special and the last, and reminded me how much I liked the chemistry between this Doctor and River. I wish we'd seen more of them together.

As much as I detested the last two episodes of last season - continuing my unbroken record of going against popular opinion about this show - this special and the preview of next season give me a little hope that Who will have a somewhat lighter touch. But then it's Moffat's last season so what am I thinking, of course there'll be some over-complicated story arc with lots of angst ending with a big, dramatic blowout. Bet Clara and Me will show up as well.

Did anyone else see that Capaldi has said something about wanting to stay with DW and has no plans to leave? I'd heard rumors awhile back that Aiden Turner (aka Kili, aka Ross Poldark, etc) was possibly in the running for the next Doctor.

There's been lots of rumour-mongering from media and fandom about how Capaldi's going to get kicked out, because he isn't Tennant or Smith, so obviously he stinks and needs to go. (This is an unpleasant offshoot of everyone's drooling anticipation over who could play the next Doctor, which seemed to start right after PCap was cast, good grief.) Allegedly, the BBC's angry that DW merch hasn't been selling so well, but for that rumour to make sense, they should possibly try releasing new merch. Just a thought, Beeb...

However, Moffat has claimed that it doesn't look as if he'll be writing Capaldi out (which probably just means Chibnall will do it upon takeover). Capaldi claims he hasn't come to a final decision (and Chibnall apparently wouldn't mind him staying). He's obviously having a whole lot of fun, while probably also regretting that he doesn't have as much time with his family as he'd like (since he likes being around his wife and daughter). Despite grumpy fandom griping about how he needs to move on because they say so, I want him for another series or two.

Aidan Turner as the Doctor is, I think, another annoying fan rumour. I don't doubt some hot, sexy, very young thing will be cast as the next Doctor, though.

Well, with the merchandising, one can only have so many things with a TARDIS on them before it gets to be overkill. That's about all I see anymore.

After watching this special and seeing the preview of next season, I get the feeling Capaldi is finally settling into the role nicely. I didn't much care for him most of the first season, the second I liked him alright but the stories weren't great to me, a couple I really disliked. I thought he was good in this special, and hope things click together this coming season. It's a little like Matt Smith, I didn't care for him too much at the start but by the end of his run I thought he was really getting into that "very old man in a young man's body" thing that was intriguing.

Yes, I expect you're right, we'll probably see the return of the "boyfriend Doctor" to sell more posters and action figures.

Edited at 2016-12-27 04:34 pm (UTC)

As a story: 's fine, I guess. Kind of didn't hit my Doctor Who buttons in terms of setting and overall vibe, but neither did I get exasperated with it halfway through as I did with "Last Christmas". I suppose I should be glad they weren't as overt about the winter/Christmas theme as they sometimes have been, but... somehow I wished for a little more in that area?

I think am going to miss me some Peter Capaldi when he finally exits, though. I mean, I cried when Matt dropped that bowtie on the floor of the TARDIS, and that was without any particular emotional attachment (having only been a casual fan). So... oo eck, oo crumbs, or something. (Although FWIW the first Doctor in my head is Four from sneaked late-night PBS broadcasts.)


I really like it. It was light, silly, and not over-jammed with time loops. I was also highly amused that the whole thing could be taken as a rewrite of the Slitheen episodes from way back in series 1 (right down to the zippered body suits) with some super heroes thrown in for good measure.

I also want to know if the hulk comics in the background are the ones with UNIT, because it would be a neat meta thing if they were.

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