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23 Weeks to 50: The Pandorica Opens\ The Big Bang

We're now just a little over halfway through my 50th Anniversary countdown of aggregated poll results for Doctor Who Books, TV Serials & Audio Dramas, at number 23:

23. The Pandorica Opens\ The Big Bang

Doctor: 11th (Matt Smith)
Companions: Amy, River, Rory
Alien: For ease's sake let's just say The Alliance
Legend tells of the Pandorica, a perfect prison inside which is trapped the most fearsome creature imaginable. It is now opening and the mightiest armies in the universe converge on Stonehenge, but is this a bigger trap than anyone first imagined? And how does this relate to the cracks in time?
Why is it so well loved?
1. Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston all give some of their finest performances on the show.
2. It discusses grand ideas, like the importance of legends and the power of ideas.
3. It is one of the most intricate season finales, pulling together subtle hints and plot points you didn't even see the first time around.
Statistical Snippet
This is the best loved story starring the 11th Doctor, the least loved is The Coming of the Terraphiles.

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