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Breaking News...!

This literally just in from the BBC (yes, I have a smartphone nowadays):

Peter Capaldi to leave Doctor Who

A sad day, as always, I think, although I'll be honest that I'm not entirely surprised given the impending Moffat-Chibnall changeover. The new guvnor, no doubt, will want to have the same chance to establish his vision of Who as Moffat got in 2010 (and hopefully it will be as great as the magisterial The Eleventh Hour).

I for one don't buy into the narrative about the past couple of seasons of NuWho losing their way; I actually think they contained some of the best stories since the revival in 2005, and Capaldi has always been a joy to follow both on screen and off. So it will be a sad day, but also I think an exciting one as Who does that thing it does and remoulds itself into a new era. I assume this means the 2017 Xmas special will also double as a regeneration story?

Anyway; thoughts, wild speculation, fancasting fantasies...? Please feel free to share all in the comments below!

EDIT: More detail!


The Return of Doctor Mysterio: Reaction and Discussion Post [SPOILERS!]

Well, here we are. It seems like a very long time, doesn't it, since we last saw any new Doctor Who? I wonder whether or not that will colour our reactions to the Xmas special, airing more or less right now on BBC One? Well, buckle up for the superheroic shenanigans we are apparently about to witness, and please feel free to share your thoughts, comments, cheers, jeers and insights in the comments below. As always, please keep proceedings civil and collegiate (you always do) and beware, there will be SPOILERS aplenty.

See you on the other side!



...a happy midwinter holiday of your choice, or just a very pleasant 25th of December to all of you at home! :)


And may "The Return of Doctor Mysterio" prove to be one of the good Who Xmas specials (although I'm sure they all have their fans and naysayers, it being Doctor Who and everything). I will put a post up tomorrow, merrymaking permitting, to enable those of you so inclined to share your thoughts and comments upon it, anyway. :)

Plushy One

First Doctor-era post

I had planned to make this post yesterday, but I just got home from Chicago TARDIS late Monday. I then spent hours last night trying to retrieve photo and video files from a damaged SD card. I won, but it was a taxing fight. Which is why this post is only now being made. Anyway!

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My vision of the Doctor during the Time War

As I started watching Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston, Time War and the way it ended was always one of the most interesting topics to me. I've written my vision of the Doctor during the Time War, based mostly on pieces of dialogues from RTD era. I reject the War Doctor as shown in The Day of the Doctor and describe an alternative one, along with not-sure-how-canonical Eight. I disagree with that statement and claim the Doctor was able to push the button and kill them all.

If you're interested: The Doctor uses the Moment - my vision

Fic: Where Thou Art Not, Desolation

Title: Where Thou Art Not, Desolation | AO3
Author: merryghoul
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Wordcount: 579
Rating: Mature
Characters: Missy, Clara Oswald, Twelfth Doctor
Pairing: Clara Oswald/Missy
Contains: sexual content (the "huddling for warmth trope," pretty much)
Prompt: For who_at_50's 53rd anniversary fanwork-a-thon (a work centered around the Master/Missy).
Disclaimer: Characters and trope not my creations.
Summary: Missy sets a trap for the Doctor, but ensnares Clara instead.

Happy 53rd Anniversary!

Just to observe that today is the day this comm was originally created to celebrate - happy 53rd anniversary!

On this day in Who:
Two teachers followed an unearthly child into a box in 1963...
Five Doctors teamed up (on US TV, to begin with) in 1983...
The Seventh Doctor first encountered Ace in 1987...
...and the Cybermen in 1988...
and Gallifrey stood in 2013...

If any of you have any memories or landmarks in the history of Who you feel like sharing on this day, please feel free to do so in the comments below. :)